Tuesday, September 1, 2015

So Many Ideas, Too Little Time!

My creative juices are flowing, my energy is up, I'm ready to go...  and....  no.   I now officially have at least 10 projects started and a list of things to do that is growing every minute I'm awake.  Oh, while I'm awake...that's it, I'll take a nap! 

If only that were an option. So, what do you do to get focused?  Getting started seems to be the hardest part.  Avoidance is certainly not productive.  Screaming might work, but I doubt the neighbors would be appreciative.  Organization might be the key, but then how many creative people do you know who are organized? 

Maybe my new crafty prayer will help...

Lord, please give me the focus to create one thing at a time,
the strength to accept my limitations,
and the wisdom to know when it's time to walk away! 

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