Saturday, May 21, 2011

If the World is Coming to an End....

I have so many projects to finish!  My 13-year-old has made a point of giving me updates on just how much time I have until the rapture.  Apparently, however, he is only concerned about what I'm doing, as he does nothing but play video games while keeping me abreast of the upcoming doom.  I, on the other hand, have crocheted my fingers off this afternoon... just in case, lol.  And I've now got a new BIG earred bear hat and a crazy Cheshire cat.  Somehow I don't think that the 2 ponchos, 1 earflap, 1 doll, 1 octopus, and the pair of booties that still needs the 2nd one is going to get finished if I only have until 6 p.m.  On a happier note, if it happens I don't have to worry about all those moving boxes I have to fill by the end of June, and I don't have to cut the grass.  Hmm, I'm thinking there's definitely some positives.

Have a great day folks, and I'll be back tomorrow to report on the next thing that tries to get in the way of my creative process.  And if not, I can assure you I'll have a hook in my hand for all of eternity :)  Happy Saturday!

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